The AEM5-30 is the 30 caliber version of the legendary AEM5. It features the same mount as the AEM5 but has the 30 caliber baffle stack from the M24 (Ops Inc 3rd Model) helping trim length off guns that are already quite long and allows you to use a brake mount which offers flexibility in mounting options. 

The AEM5-30 is rated up to .300 Win Mag, and is an excellent option for precision rifles. Its 304 stainless steel construction has excellent thermal stability, minimizing warping as it heats from use. Great care is taken during assembly of all AE suppressors, ensuring that the suppressor is concentric with the mount to reduce the effects it has on the projectile after it leaves the bore. The tapered mount featured on all Allen Engineering suppressors offers repeatable alignment with the bore and exceptional return to zero after the suppressor has been removed from the rifle for transport or service. It also helps prevent misalignment if the rifle is dropped or bumped.

Reflex Design

Having the suppressor go over the barrel increases the internal volume without increasing added length. 

Two Point Mounting System

The two-point mount reduces flex between the suppressor and barrel and offers exceptional return-to-zero when the suppressor is removed as it mounts to the taper on the collar. This mounting style also allows you use minimal torque on the muzzle device which prevents accuracy degradation from too much torque. 

AEM5-30 (modiefied Ops Inc 12th Model)
Caliber 7.62mm/ .30 Caliber
Diameter 1.5″
Length Past Muzzle 7″
Overall Length 11″
Weight 26oz
Mount A (Long)