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The Allen Engineering AEM5 is the direct fit suppressor for your MK12 SPR. The AEM5 attaches to the weapon via a mount (not included) and a collar that goes over the barrel for alignment. The suppressor mounts via threads on the outside of the mount centering on the adapter fitting. A 20 degree taper on the adapter locks the silencer onto the barrel and seals gasses inside the suppressor along with preventing the suppressor from coming loose under use.

Reflex Design

The suppressor mounts over the barrel increasing internal volume without increasing added length

Two Point Mounting System

The two-point mount reduces flex between the suppressor and barrel and offers exceptional return-to-zero when the suppressor is removed as it mounts to the taper on the collar. This mounting style also allows you use minimal torque on the muzzle device which prevents accuracy degradation from too much torque. 

AEM5 (Ops Inc 12th Model)  
Caliber 5.56mm/ .223 Caliber
Diameter 1.5″
Length Past Muzzle 6.25″
Overall Length 8.8″
Weight 21oz
Mount A (long)