Model 96 Windrunner



Receiver: E.D.M. one-piece, CNC machined 4140 chromoly, hardened to 4042 Rockwell
Stock: Three-position adjustable stock w/ monopod
Barrel: K&P Gun Co. 31-inch Fluted Barrel tapered for an Ops Inc suppressor
Grip: Hogue overmolded AR grip
Trigger: Remington-style, 4-lb. pull
Muzzle Device: Shark style muzzle brake


Scope: Nightforce NXS 5.5-22×56 F1
Scope Base: 20 MOA Scope Base
Scope Mount: NF A108 Rings
Bipod: M60 Style
Suppressor: Ops Inc 3rd Model .50 Cal

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A U.S.M.C. documented and issued EDM Windrunner Model 96 50 BMG sniper rifle with considerable documentation attesting to its use in both training (Mountain Scout/Sniper Course) and in Iraq. The documentation notes this as “1 of 2” actual Windrunner sniper rifles that were provided to the U.S.M.C. for use in Iraq. Originally designed by Bill Ritchie as a large caliber long range sniper rifle that could be broken down in less than a minute in to several components, stored in two heavy duty storage/shipping case for deployments anywhere in the world. This specific weapon is accompanied by a lengthy letter from the US Marine Corp Scout/Sniper Association attesting to it actual use in Iraq by Scout/Snipers from the 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine regiment. Part of that testimony is that this sniper rifle was actually used for single kills in excess of 1800 meters. It also goes on to state that although the actual number of enemy combatants killed are specifically unknown, it is estimated to be in excess of “40” kills.

The side of the receiver is marked “E.D.M. ARMS/MODEL 96/U.S.A. 50 CAL B.M.G. WINDRUNNER REDLANDS CA. SER #450″”. It features a massive one-piece solid steel receiver with a huge bolt that is fed from a detachable box magazine. It has a 31 inch heavy weight detachable barrel with a massive four slot muzzle break. The rear of the action is fitted with a three position telescoping buttstock for ease during deployments with a height adjustable cheekpiece with a very thick rubber buttpad. The front of the receiver is fitted with a M60 style folding bipod that is adjustable for height with the underside of the buttstock fitted with a height adjustable mon-pod. The top of the receiver is fitted with a 20 MOA picatinny style scope rail, upon which is mounted and equally desirable NIGHTFORCE 5.5-22x sniper scope and ring set. The scope has the TMR style reticle with 2.5 MOA adjustable windage and elevation turrets. The rifle is also accompanied with its original EDM Arms two piece, offset scope mount.

It is also accompanied by an original OPS Inc 3rd Model .50 cal Suppressor (serial number MBS3306A) that is also documented as being actually tested/used in Iraq. These OPS Inc suppressors used an OTB type barrel attachment which shortened the overall length and also provided an additional expansion chamber inside the rear of the can to allow a somewhat reduced pressure and allowed the internal gas to dissipate slowly. They are a highly efficient suppressor that featured a very unique, albeit slightly modified SIONICS design and were probably one of the best suppressors used in Iraq and Afghanistan or even today. The OPS Inc suppressors were originally designed by Phil Seberger and produced by Allen Engineering. They were manufactured throughout the Iraq War, more specifically for use on the Navy/Army MK 12 SPR rifles.

This rifle has been over-sprayed with a two tone camouflage medium Green/FDE paint and is accompanied, by the two noted large, heavy storage cases, a spare buttstock support rod and the noted two piece scope mount. The two storage/transit shipping cases both still retains their outside shipping labels indicating where they were shipped to the MARSOC Special Ops Unit, Camp Pendelton, CA.