Mk12 Mod H



Lower Receiver

Lower Receiver: Colt/Hydramatic A1 Profile Lower
Stocks: ACE Socom Gen Carbine/Rifle Length, LMT Sopmod Gen I (Various Others)
Grip: A2, Ergo (Various Others)
Trigger: Knights Armament 2 Stage, Geissele SSA/SSA-E
Trigger Guard: GI


Upper Receiver

Upper Receiver: Colt AF/Keyhole
Barrel: Noveske 16” 1/7 Twist Stainless Steel mid length w/ Ops Inc Profile
Gas Block: Precision Reflex, Badger Ordinance Mk12
Muzzle Device: Ops Inc/Allen Engineering Muzzle Brake w/ Long Collar
Hand Guard: Precision Reflex Gen III Carbon Fiber Rifle Length FDE/Black, Precision Reflex Recce Rail, KAC URX 4
Bolt Carrier Group: Colt
Charging Handle: PRI Gas Buster Military Latch
Rear Sight: Precision Reflex
Front Sight: Precision Reflex
Optic: Leupold Mk4 2.5-8×36 Illuminated, Leupold Mk4 3.5-10×40 Illuminated/non-Illuminated (Various Others)
Scope Mount: ARMS #22M Non-Leverstop Scope Rings, Larue LT104, Nightforce A107 Rings
Laser: PEQ15, LA5
Suppressor: Allen Engineering AEM5 (Ops Inc 12th Model)
Bipod: Harris Engineering BRM-S w/ Knights Armament Bipod Mount and KWM Pod-Loc, Atlas BT10


A special thanks to these people for their help building this page.

Chisam Hoedebeck for the reference rifle

Dirty Kid for the photograph

Clone Rifles and Otter Weapon Worx for the parts list