Introducing: Allen Engineering Blog

Sites like and Snipers Hide are a wealth of knowledge that have been essential for those trying to learn about Allen Engineering. The main shortcoming of these forums is navigating the large amounts of information. To overcome this we are starting the Allen Engineering Blog. Our goal is to provide easily accessible information to the AE/ OPS INC community. While we hope that this blog will not be limited in its subject mater, here are few some topics we are planning on covering. 


Ops Inc/Allen Engineering: The history of AE is something we care deeply about. Its legacy brings an authenticity to the suppressors and is a major reason why people continue to buy from us. Much of the Ops Inc and AE history is only known to Ron Allen. There are also many people we have met that have used AE suppressors professionally. We plan on bringing their stories to you since the history of AE is intertwined with the history of American small arms. 

Suppressors: Many of AE suppressors have a long history, from their development to their use in combat. The Suppressors page hosts useful overviews of the most popular suppressors we still manufacture. We want to use this blog to dive deeper into the history and technical information of each suppressor. There are also many unique AE suppressors that were never adopted by the military and thus never revealed to the public. We want to shed light on these suppressors since they provide a unique insight into the early days of Ops Inc and AE. 

Clone Builds: AE suppressors have been used on many different military rifles all over the world. People wanting to accurately replicate these iconic rifles is another reason they choose AE suppressors. We created the Builds page to help new cloners understand what they need to build these rifles. We owe a special thanks to Clone Rifles for parts lists and Dirty Kid for photos of these historical rifles and encourage you to support them for their contributions. To supplement the Builds page we will use this blog to provide the history and first hand accounts of the rifles that host AE suppressors. 



Collaborations: We are currently working with many companies on new and exiting projects. These project will vary, from bringing AE suppressors to new platforms to developing new products to support our line of suppressors. This blog will have overviews of these collaborations.

Products: The original AE suppressors and mounts are essential for accurately cloning rifles. For this reason we will always continue to manufacture these legacy products the same way Ron has for decades. Our goal is to help give the AE community more choices and opportunities to use their AE suppressors in new ways. To do this we will develop new and unique products. Once we are ready to show these new products, we will use this blog to go into greater detail.

Builds: We got into the firearms industry because we like cool guns. We are addicted to building new guns and want to show you the cool stuff we build with AE suppressors. The blog will also review how we were able to make certain build work. We also want to see your builds, so occasionally we will post a customer build that we find interesting. We hope this will inspire you to try new and unique builds with your AE suppressors. All of these rifles will be featured on our Builds page along with the clone rifles. 



Testing: AE suppressors do some incredible things, from its sound suppression to its benefits to accuracy and repeatability. A lot of thought went into the original designs as well as new solutions for the future. We plan to do a lot of first party testing to help you understand what makes these suppressors tick. We also understand the desire for objective third party testing and we are working on sending our suppressors to be evaluated so that our community can be confident in the data.

Technical Support: We understand that getting into AE suppressors can often be overwhelming. The confusion on how to properly mount an AE suppressor is enough to push most people away. We want to cover subjects broad and small to make it easier for people to find and understand their AE suppressors. This means barrels, collars, and mounting, among other things. If you have a technical question about AE suppressors feel free to submit it so we can cover it!

User Insight: Forums and open discussions has been essential for the growth and success of AE. We want to continue to give everyone the ability to share their insights and learn from each other. Each blog post will have a comment section where readers will be able to share their knowledge, ask questions, and offer corrections. We hope that these blogs posts will be filled with unique user insight.

Ron has always been an active participant in online forums. We want to follow in his footsteps by using our resources to provide as much information as possible to those who are new or experienced with AE suppressors. We hope you all will benefit from AE becoming more involved in the success and growth of the cloning community. 

If there is anything you want to see from this blog please share it with us and we will do our best to make it happen.